Residential Power Management

The rapidly rising demand for electricity due to growing population has increased carbon emission and speeded up global warming effect. Helping our environment and saving energy can start from managing home electricity.

The GREEN POWERLINK Residential Series provides in-home energy display for consumers to track and monitor entire home and appliances energy consumption.
It is easy to feel the impact when you can see immediate feedback about your electricity usage in dollars & cents, and this will encourage consumers to adopt good energy saving habits and use home appliances wisely.


Green Powerlink Wi-Fi Smart Solution
The Green PowerLink Wi-Fi Smart Solution provides a system approach to monitoring,
controlling, and optimizing residential energy use.
Green Powerlink RF Smart Solution
With Green PowerLink Energy Saving Solution, you can relax and enjoy the wireless freedom of tracking the electricity cost and consumption at home...
Green Powerlink Essential
The first thing you can do to save energy at home is to start understanding and measuring how much energy each home appliance uses.