APPSPOWER smart plug (powertech)


APPSPOWER Power Management

APPSPOWER is a dedicated electrical safety and protection system developed by Powertech. Besides of monitoring power consumption of your appliances, it allows you to control them from your smartphone or tablet. You can set schedules for each appliances or define rules to trigger them by specified situations. Even better, the mobile APP can notify you with push notifications when there is a surge, any overload or abnormal power usage.

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APPSPOWER Bluetooth Series
APPSPOWER is a perfect product for smart home concept and power management idea, without complex setup and operation, home automation becomes convenient for everyone.
The APPSPOWER Wi-Fi Smart Solution provides a system approach to monitoring, controlling, and optimizing residential energy use.
The APPSPOWER ZigBee Smart Solution provides in-office energy display for administrator to track and monitor entire office and appliances energy consumption.