APPSTRIGGER Power Management


  For Years, Powertech has been a leading manufacturer of surge protected power devices for house and residence. We believe power strips can be much more than just combination of outlets; instead, they not only connect power, but also the following, to our lives 
  • World Connected : we fulfill the AllSeen Alliance’s promise of the ability to connect devices and systems across brands, transports, platforms and operating systems.
  • Function Connected : one desktop hub performs as an AP, an USB charger, an audio source, a sensor hub, a power outlet hub, and even a phone/pad stand.
  • Always Connected : for all mobile devices in our modern lives, we need a power strip that is portable, charge our phone/pad quicker, and manage our cables better.
  • Power Safety Connected : besides patented surge components protecting our valuable devices from surge, we can also monitor power status, receive overload alerts and of course control or schedule on-off of the power.
  • Design for AllSee : simple and intuitive design serving its purpose efficiently is what we pursue.


APPSTRIGGER let users monitor electric usage, appliance status, and behavior analysis via a user-friendly app and Cloud services, program automation scenarios that simplify life and work.