Rotating Power Solution


Optimize the Outlets Space Usage with Rotating Power Surge Protector

It is sometimes difficult to fit all electrical plugs and transformers on a surge protector due to space between outlets.
One or two outlets are usually not able to use when a bulky transformer is used on a surge protector.

The Rotating Power Series is the key to optimize the use of all outlets.
The innovative & unique rotating design provides the convenience & flexibility that can not be found in a typical power surge protector. Rotating outlets provides a more organized setting and efficient outlets usage of all connected equipments.

Life Can Be Easy with Rotating Power Surge Protectors

Rotating power series surge protector features 90° or 180 ° rotating outlets settings, user can easily rotate the outlets to a proper position to avoid space conflict between transformers and plugs, thus all outlets are always ready for use. Also Rotating power series products come in variety types and shape to meet your home and office power needs. The selective models with cord management design allow user to properly arrange power cords in a neat fashion. All these great features plus fireproof surge protection make the rotating series surge protectors best choice for your home and office use.

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