Green Cloud Energy Management Solutions

In order to improve application performance, solve capacity problems and reduce costs for business and scientific, the high performance public or private cloud computing services are using data center for major information host.However, data centers hosting cloud applications consume huge amounts of energy and contributing tohigh operational costs and carbon footprints to the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to have Green Cloud Energy solutions that can not only reduce operational costs but also save energy for the environment.
Powertech green cloud energy management solution provides all of the data center power information which includes rack-mount server system CO2 emissions, KW/h power consumption and operational cost.

There are three major segments, control box, PDUs, and EM-7700 application software for the green cloud energy management solutions is the block diagram and detail specifications as below: 

Application Software

Powertech green cloud energy solutions software (EM-7700) provided an user interface with data center rack-mount server farm total CO2 emissions, KW/h power consumption and operational cost information to customers for energy management.

The solution software EM-7700 major features are:
1. Windows and Linux based software with TCP/IP Ethernet protocol control
2. Easy for Energy Management Gateway install and system upgrade
3. Live dashboard with Real time CO2, KW/h usage and Cost display for Management
4. Analysis and Prediction future CO2, KW/h usage and Cost for each device
5. Budget cost control for each device
6. Real time remote device power on/off control
7. Scheduling regular device power on/off control
8. Device Decaying analysis and control
9. Budget cost over, Device decaying and surge protected warning via email, or SMS with event log for event process and management
10. History of CO2, KW/h and Cost data search for analysis and management