Press Releases 2015 / 01 / 05

POWERTECH Smart Plug Certified by ECHONET Lite

APPSPOWER Wi-Fi Smart Plug (R9P138)
ECHONET Lite Certification Number: GZ-000103

POWERTECH today announced that the Smart Plug (R9P138) receives ECHONET Lite certification as a Full ECHONET Lite sensor-related device. A Full ECHONET Lite device can connect to an ECHONET Lite system on a stand-alone basis. The POWERTECH Smart Plug (R9P138) is a Wi-Fi-enabled wall tap equipped with wireless power control and surge protection feature. With POWERTECH’s APP for Android and iOS devices, users can control the connected appliance and monitor the real-time energy usage. The ECHONET Lite certification ensures its compatibility in versatile smart energy management systems.

The ECHONET Lite is recommended by Japanese government as a communication standard for HEMS (Home Energy Management System) equipment. The ECHONET Lite certified products are guaranteed to work in HEMS installations and link devices from different manufacturers. It is aiming at reducing CO2 emissions, reducing healthcare costs, and building safe, barrier-free societies.


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